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a call for unity from Gene Del Polito, President
Association for Postal Commerce
This is a subject we can all agree on and rally around. Take action…

“Well, the Thanksgiving Day holiday is over, and, with any luck, you’ve polished off your turkey. Good! Well, there’s still one more turkey that needs to be polished off, and that’s the postal retirement funding mess that Congress left uncooked before it took off for home. And . . . now’s the time for everyone in this industry to tell Congress that they can put a fork in this bird, because it’s more than done.
Over the years, you’ve been made to suffer because of this bit of foul business. Over the years, through the postal rates you pay, you’ve provided way more money than the government actually needs to meet all of the Postal Service’s Civil Service Retirement System obligations. Indeed, the amount of over-funding that’s occurred has been on the order of $50 billion to $75 billion depending on whose assessment you use.
To make matters worse, Congress, through the 2006 postal accountability act, is requiring you to pony up some $5.5 billion a year(!) to pre-fund what the Office of Personnel Management believes the Postal Service’s future obligations will be to cover all the costs of postal retiree health benefits.
That’s right. You’re being coerced into paying $5.5 billion a year, when there’s already a very hefty over-payment on other postal retirement obligations already on the federal treasury’s books.
If you were a cow, I’d say you’re being milked. Since you’re not, I’ll just say you’re being bilked.
This is unconscionable. Mail as a medium for business communication and commerce isn’t dying a natural death. It’s having the fiscal life squeezed out of it by Congress’ unwillingness to address this issue and to begin to permit the use of that CSRS over-payment (YOUR MONEY!!) to pay down the postal retiree health pre-funding obligation.
This can, at times, seem to be a very complex and confusing issue. For a new Member of Congress, it most certainly will be, because it goes against all of the inaccurate preconceptions many people have as to how this nation actually funds its universal mail service.
Here is a four-pager that puts things into clearer light. It would be GREAT if you would take that four-pager and share it with your congressional delegation. You can do that easily.
All members of Congress have web sites. All of these web sites allow you, a constituent, to send your representative and senators an email that you want them to read. Go to their web sites, and tell them you want to read the following. Then, just cut and paste the four-pager into the body of your email. Then . . . and this is the important step . . . hit the send button.
Doing this is easy. And it’s probably the most important step you’re likely to take this month to improve your own and your company’s fiscal and competitive well-being.

Don’t delay. Do it today.”

Reprinted with permission.

Written by Lisa.Bowes

November 28th, 2010 at 9:35 pm

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