USPS TEM Testing for Full-Service Approval

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Several companies that I know of have completed USPS TEM (Test Environment for Mailers) electronic documentation testing for Full-Service, however, none of them have been approved.  After completing the scenarios laid out in the Full Service Checklist up on (you’ll never find it there without knowing in advance that it is cryptically filed under Intelligent Mail>>Business Customer Gateway), applicants are then sent to USPS HQ “for final approval”.  So far this has amounted to a sort of limbo status – nobody can advise how long this second level of approval will take, or where an individual applicant currently stands.  After putting in a lot of work to do the testing in a timely manner, it is frustrating to now have to wait for an undetermined amount of time for final approval.

Please feel free to comment and tell us your TEM testing story.  Anybody out there approved for Full Service??

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June 25th, 2009 at 3:20 pm

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  1. We have completed Scenario 1-3 and will complete Scenario 5 (FC / Standard / Bound Printed Matter).

    1. Scenario 4 seems to be the problem: We were told by our PostalOne Representative that USPS headquarters requires for us to generate a job that has 2 statements with 2 different weights, then cancel one of the statements.
    Our presort software company questions this above request by PostalOne, and is unable to generate such a job.
    What is the correct procedure for Scenario 4?

    2. Another issue is that without expensive software we cannot change weights / make updates / delete jobs, without attempting a manual lengthy amount of time.
    Is it possible to do weight changes / updates / deletion of jobs manually without expensive software?

    Norm Cosand

    9 Mar 11 at 2:39 pm

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