USPS Spent $35 Million Using FedEx Needlessly

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Written by Lisa.Bowes

May 27th, 2010 at 10:08 pm

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  1. This is the first time since the OIG’s office was created that I have heard of them investigating management for any reason.As senior maintenance employees in Oakland we were forced, under threat of termination,to work on obsolete equipment.We were required to take classes that were denied to us early in our careers to work on equipment that OSHA had ordered removed from the building in 1989.We called the OIG’s office in 2002 and were told that what management could do what they were doing.Shortly after that a man was almost electrocuted while working on the equipment.When Carla Corcoran,the first IG,began to look into the contracting practices of the managers,she was forced to resign.In 2004 it was reported to the Senate that 23% of the mail that is processed by the independent mail processors is not delivered.A bar code system was suggested to track the mail.It was never adopted.The bar code system was never adopted for the tools and parts department either.The OIG’s office,the Office of Special Councel,the Office of Thrift Supervision and numerous other regulatory agencies need to be abolished.They do nothing but obstruct the justice that they are suppose to maintain.These people walk around collecting paychecks for doing nothing.I would like to see a list of the OIG’s other accomplishments since it was created in the late 90’s.It’s very short.I know because I was there.

    allen sanford

    28 May 10 at 8:04 am

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