USPS Issues – PostalOne! and USPS email systems

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If you’re trying to log into PostalOne, here’s what you’ll see:

This service is currently unavailable
The USPS system you are attempting to access is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience.

USPS Business Mail Entry units (BMEUs) and Detached Mail Units (DMUs) are operating as normally scheduled. Employees have been instructed to continue accepting presented mailings, including mailings where electronic documentation failed to upload/update.

Mailers should continue to present mailings to USPS BMEUs and DMUs as planned. Mailers who normally submit postage statements electronically via a vendor/custom software package using Mail.dat/Mail.XML, Postal Wizard, or Intelligent Mail for Small Business must provide the following information to USPS acceptance personnel in verbal or written form for each mailing: -Permit #

  • -Permit Type
  • -Class of Mail
  • -Total Pieces
  • -Total Postage
  • -Mailer Job ID (if applicable)

Communication will be sent once the systems are operational. Mailers will be provided the option to submit electronic documentation for impacted mailings once the system is restored.

A link to the Contingency Plan might have been appropriate, since it was left off this message, will include it for you here:
(Note: and yes, I checked first to make sure the link worked.)
In addition, USPS email systems are down, and have been since yesterday, hence no email notification.

Perhaps they should send everyone a letter.




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February 13th, 2015 at 10:41 am

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