US Postal Service USPS (Shipping Service Updates) 2011 Failure – What We Can Learn From It

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US Postal Service USPS 2011 Failure – What We Can Learn From It.

This links to a blog post from a USPS Shipping Customer, regarding the January 2 shipping services changes. Excellent, excellent points made, with suggestions that would help both shipping and mailing changes go more smoothly in the future:

“On Sunday afternoon, Twitter, forums and emails starting lighting up the internet about problems with USPS. Lots of people were talking, except for the USPS. No update on their website, no Twitter or Facebook presence to calm the masses, nothing. Just ecommerce merchants and providers scrambling to figure out what actually changed, and then how to patch the software to work with these un-announced changes.”

Lisa Note:  USPS, how do your customers communicate amongst themselves?  Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, forums, emails, websites – HELLO! Is anybody listening?  Perhaps you should have a presence there, and utilize those communication channels?”  The blog post goes on to detail some great suggestions:

Have a public status somewhere (preferably more than one) Whether that’s your website, mailing list, Twitter, and/or Facebook, make sure you can get the word out to your customers when problems arise.

*Have resources ready when major updates occur. The USPS API support department was overwhelmed by support requests. They did not put enough resources in place to deal with the major changes they implemented. Don’t make this mistake, as you cannot absorb these type of disasters like the US government can.

It’s been a “fun” week thanks to the USPS. All of this could have been avoided if they just told people about this text change *before* it happened.

Lisa Note:  I couldn’t agree more with these suggestions, and not just for shipping services – for everything.

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January 6th, 2011 at 2:17 pm

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  1. Thanks for linking to our blog post Lisa. It is amazing that they did not plan for any of this, or at least not plan adequately.

    The sad thing is they have done this in the past with other upgrades, so it seems they are not learning from their mistakes. 🙁

    Rob Mangiafico

    6 Jan 11 at 2:43 pm

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