Speak Your Piece: The Vanishing Postmaster

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Speak Your Piece: The Vanishing Postmaster | Daily Yonder | Keep It Rural.

Well worth a read.  There’s more to brick and mortar than, well, brick and mortar!  There’s also something to be said for community, customer service, and making time for kindness.

I think of the mail carrier who was a daily lifeline for my elderly and beloved grandmother.  I think of my own local small town Post Office, and the folks there I’ve come to know and chat with over the years.  It’s sad that we’ve lost touch with the value of personal interaction.  Process and efficiency are no good if not balanced with the other things that make the Postal Service a SERVICE.

…Remember Service Stations?  Pump your gas, check your oil, tire pressure, clean your windshield.  Now I pay 4 times as much to do it myself.  And I’m not nearly as good as those service station guys were 🙂

…Hate to see the USPS go the same route.

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January 31st, 2014 at 4:31 pm

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