Roadblacks to Full Service IMb – Educational Gaps?

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Here’s a good example of why users aren’t jumping on board with Full Service IMb if they haven’t already – educational gaps…

Once logged in to the USPS Business Customer Gateway, the above graphic and link are prominently displayed.  Clicking on the link brings users here:

Here’s a look at the Intelligent Mail Education specific info on this page:

The first webinar?  A year old, completely outdated and not applicable.  PostalOne is getting ready to go to release 35.
NPF presentation is from 2012.  The Transitioning to IMb presentation is from 2012 and has not been updated.  Business Customer Gateway screens, for example, no longer look the way they are depicted.

The IMb Fact Sheet is from 2012 and contains outdated information.

The Mailing Data Quality Reports presentation is from 2010 and is completely outdated.

How To Work with Your Mail Preparer and IMb initial steps?  The don’t cover Full Service, and are outdated.

CRIDS and MIDS?  from October 2009.  Completely outdated.

The BCG presentation is new, and does apply to new Full Service users.

STIDs presentation?  2010.  Completely outdated, provides bad info.

The USPS is missing the mark here, you cannot get the general public and even the poor postal clerks who have to assist with Full Service implementation with embarrassingly bad information posted at the go to place for Intelligent Mail Information!  How does this link, from the gateway, help people get on board with Full Service?

Mailers and mail owners, if you are not on Full Service IMb already, why?  Drop me a note at  All responses will remain confidential.










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July 11th, 2013 at 10:29 am

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