Reminder – New Service Type IDs (STIDs) for First-Class Mail Available January 26, 2014

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From the DMM Advisory

As a reminder, the United States Postal Service® introduced eight new Service Type IDS (STIDs) for First-Class Mail® on January 26, 2014, that provide expanded options for mailers to effectively manage ACS™ notices provided for their Undeliverable-As-Addressed (UAA) mail. The new STIDs further enhance mailing flexibility, as each existing ACS service option will have its own unique STID.

If you wish to request Option 1 for the ancillary endorsement listed, you must use the newly assigned STID on or after January 26, 2014. If you continue to use the existing STID, your First-Class Mail will receive the Option 2 treatment for that endorsement:

ASR: The difference between Address Service Requested (ASR) Option 1 and Option 2 is that an ACS record will be provided on both forwarded and returned pieces with Option 2. Option 1 provides an ACS notice only for the mail that is forwarded to a new address.

CSR: The difference between Change Service Requested (CSR) Option 1 and Option 2 is that forwardable pieces will be forwarded with Option 2 and mail that cannot be forwarded is disposed of as waste. Option 1 disposes of all UAA pieces as waste.

The links below direct you to a page that provides complete descriptions and details for all STIDs, including the new ones. For easy identification, the new STIDs are highlighted in red on the STID Table.

Appendix A (provides a complete description of each STID):

STID Table (provides all available STIDs, segmented by endorsement and option):

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