Refund Requests for Special Postage Payment Systems (SPPS)

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Postage refunds –

Detailed instructions can be found at this link

Mail Owners who wish to submit refund requests for overpayment of postage must submit the request and all supporting documentation to Business Mailer Support (BMS) for review and validation at the mailbox. Mail Preparers may submit on behalf of the Mail Owner.

Examples of types of mailings for which refunds are to be submitted to this mailbox are:
> Alternate Mailing System (AMS)
> Combined (COM)
> Combined Value Added Refund (CVAR)
> Copal and Comail
> Drop Shipment Management System (DSMS)
> Electronic Verification System (eVS)
> Full Service Mailing
> Manifest Mailing System (MMS – other then a District MMSD)
> One-Pass Finalization (OPF)
> Optional Procedure Mailing System(OPMS)
> Parcel Return Service (PRS)
> Postage Due Weight Averaging (PDWA)

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