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Mailers across the country started receiving a communication letter from the USPS regarding the retirement of the POSTNET barcode in 2011. While I applaud the Postal Service’s effort to get the word out, several mailers have commented that they received multiple, identical, letters in their mailboxes.

In one example, the identical letters had variations in the addressed company name (as an example, one letter said Company A, one said Company A, Inc.) or different variations of street addresses – all of which got delivered). Many companies are reporting 3 or 4 (or more) of these identical notices, while some major mailers didn’t get any.

Quality databases produce quality lists, and it looks like the USPS could do with some basic database clean up.  I’m sure the intention was good, as they want to reach everyone.

A fact sheet entitled “Intelligent Mail Services – Increase the value of your mail with the latest technology” accompanied each letter. The fact sheet does a nice job of providing information on both Basic and Full Service Intelligent Mail. There is also a list of add-on services such as OneCode ACS and OneCode Confirm. The only issue I have with the fact sheet is that it says “Receive Free Full Service ACS with the Intelligent Mail Full Service option”.  Yes, you can get free ACS with Full Service – on the automated portion of your mailing only, and you run the risk of possibly losing that information if any issues arise with your Full Service job, which can happen very late in the cycle.There is also some liability, as Full Service Free ACS forces you to update your mailing list with the new address returned, even if you don’t want to, or face charges for subsequent notices. “Free” does not always turn our to be “without cost”.

Last thing to note – there is no mention of the other Full Service benefit that is usually touted – Start the Clock information.

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August 25th, 2010 at 1:21 pm

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