PostalOne Release 29 Patch

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From the PostalOne Help Desk:

Please be advised – PostalOne! will deploy a patch release during the scheduled maintenance window from 4:00 am CST through 8:00 am CST on Sunday, January 29, 2012.

This patch (29.0.3) will address several known issues in Release 29.0. Communication of the specific issues corrected will be provided in separate communication.

The software will be updated in a rolling manner and no system availability or performance impact is expected.

If you have any questions or do experience issues during that time please contact the Help Desk.

“Several” issues is an understatement.  There are a LOT of issues, issues that should/could/would have been caught in testing–if there was any reasonable testing period and reasonable testing processes.  Issues affecting postage payment, issues affecting/slowing down mail entry, pages and pages of issues on the list.

Let me be clear here – the USPS folks working on the programming and the releases and the fixes are working their butts off.  They are hard working and dedicated employees and the USPS is lucky to have them.  However – the USPS is not giving them the time, tools, and resources required to accomplish all they are trasked with accomplishing, and does not allow for a modicum of common sense to be applied.  A lack of central vision and management coordination causes an endless cycle of hurry up – and then spend weeks and months fixing things.    It is not the way to conduct business.


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January 27th, 2012 at 11:39 am

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