PostalOne! Release 25 for November 2010 – Proceed With Extreme Caution!

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The DMM Advisory yesterday had a notice about PostalOne! Release 25, which willl deploy on November 7, 2010. Then there is a list of the key features of this release -”features” that mailers and mail owners had better thoroughly understand prior to diving into the deep and murky Full Service Intelligent Mail waters.
These include:
“Deploy a process for verifying Intelligent Mail® Full-Service electronic documentation.”

What this means is, if there is an error, any error, no matter how tiny or insignificant, there is risk of losing Full Service discount. This is a troubling liability for mailers trying to comply with a myriad of rules and specifications.

“Fees will be charged by Full-Service ACS. Billing for ACS® records when the same record was provided more than 60 days prior for Full-Service Periodicals and more than 95 days prior for Full-Service Standard Mail® and Bound Printed Matter. Full-Service ACS Billing will also charge for records delivered when Full-Service Service Type Identifiers are in the barcodes but they do not match the eDoc. In this case, the fees are chargeable for all classes of mail.”
What this all means is similar to what I stated above.  In this case, make a mistake, neglect to update an address, etc., and “Free” ACS could get a whole lot more costly, and will be very difficult to monitor.

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May 28th, 2010 at 4:56 pm

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