PostalOne! Outage, aka The Neverending Story

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The only thing consistent, something that you can totally count on when trying to use PostalOne! is –

unscheduled downtime….

Users will never buy into Full Service Intelligent Mail by 2014 with the instability that is part of the major frustration of trying to use a system that is plagued with downtime and work-arounds,  a system that is difficult to navigate and use, a system that cannot be counted on to even be up and running at any given point of the mailing day.  And it really doesn’t matter if the outage is 5 minutes, 5 hours, or 5 days — it is the instability, and the lack of confidence in the system that causes all the angst.

And at the same time, the USPS expects everything on the mailer’s side to work perfectly, 24/7, without exception, pulling the old double standard.

Mail.dat transmissions also encountered difficulties over the weekend….so mailers, don’t assume everything you did this weekend made it through to the USPS.

Attention PostalOne!® Users

You are receiving this email because a Critical Incident ticket was opened by the USPS Help Desk for an issue that is impacting PostalOne! availability .

You will be notified as root cause is identified and resolution is known.

If you have any further questions please contact the Help Desk at 800-522-9085.

Translation?  It is broken again, we don’t know why, and we don’t know when it will be fixed, but we’ll keep you posted.  Good luck trying to mail and to pay postage.  Go ahead and call the Help Desk, but they won’t be able to help, they’re saddled with the same difficulties the mailing public has to deal with.

Written by Lisa.Bowes

May 29th, 2012 at 3:16 pm

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  1. Yes, it’s very hard to embrace something that has so many problems on such a regular basis. I know we are in no hurry to start using the IMB and dread the day it becomes mandatory for presort discounts.

    Cam Swegman

    29 May 12 at 5:37 pm

  2. I use this sorry ass postal one for my work everday.
    It’s ridiclous, constantly down or slow. Been working
    with this for 2 years, never, never, never had a
    trouble free for a month! It’s get to a point that
    you just said hell with this B.S. Enough said.

    S Yee

    29 May 12 at 11:09 pm

  3. I and my staff waste more time on this system just because some beaurocrat decided that since I have literally a couple of bulk mail accounts (only one of which uses a trust fund for 4 mailings a year), that I needed to devote time every day into trying to get the system to close out correctly. What a waste of resources!!


    30 May 12 at 6:11 am

  4. A system developed by contractor Assurety ( I wonder which VP gets a big kickback for this one?


    30 May 12 at 9:36 am

  5. what else is new about the usps LATELY!

    bob komar

    30 May 12 at 8:13 pm

  6. with the word intelligent used in the same sentence with the postal service these days ,YOU HAVE TO BE VERY LEARY

    bob komar

    30 May 12 at 8:17 pm

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