PostalOne! Mobile Barcode Drop Ship Workaround

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From the Help Desk:

The following instructions apply for mailers who wish to submit electronic documentation prior to July 1 for drop-ship mailings with the mobile barcode discount that will be inducted on or after July 1.

Mailers may submit electronic documentation with a mailers mailing date prior to July 1. PostalOne! will report a validation warning upon file submission but will accept the submission of the file. PostalOne! will allow the finalization of the electronic statement after July 1.

Until July 1 mailers must submit hardcopy postage statements for drop-ship mailings with the mobile barcode discount along with electronic documentation. Acceptance employees will calculate the 3% discount and subtract it from total postage to determine net postage due. The net postage due will be entered as an adjustment transaction for the permit imprint used for the mailing. On July 1, the acceptance employee will reverse the original adjustment transaction and finalize the electronically submitted statement.

Beginning July 1 mailers will no longer need to submit hardcopy postage statements along with electronic documentation and PostalOne! will automatically calculate and apply the 3% discount upon finalization of the electronic statement.

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First thing, mailers don’t wish to submit electronic documentation in all cases, is is a requirement in order to get the Mobile barcode discount.

Here’s a suggestion.  Release the test environment, TEM, before the production release.  I kid you not, the TEM testing environment is typically released one day AFTER production PostalOne.  Kind of defeats the purpose of having a test environment.  This type of thing could be caught with some basic testing.

This situation also highlights one of the many reasons there is a bit of resistance to the concept of Seamless Acceptance.  Do away with all the clerks, eliminate all the paperwork.  Except, you may need the human element to one-off produce paperwork when the computerized system can’t handle a situation – one that good old paper is the preferred work around for.

Also, a system that authorized personnel can’t override easily scares me.  I saw The Terminator movies.

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June 28th, 2011 at 9:56 am

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