Postal Service reams proposal for smarter, UPS-accessible mailboxes

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The U.S. Postal Service is keeping the mailbox door closed to private delivery services.

After UPS executive Keith Kellison suggested the agency expand mailbox access to companies like his — in part to encourage technological advancements — Postal Service media relations manager David Partenheimer shot down the proposal.

“The fact is that exclusive mailbox access isn’t some kind of gratuitous privilege,” said Partenheimer in a USPS blog post. “If delivery companies want to discuss stuffing your mailbox with their packages, then that discussion needs to start with why mailboxes are reserved for the Postal Service in the first place.”

Also from this article, an important and accurate observation:

The Postal Service’s watchdog (OIG) has a history of proposing innovative ideas — it also released a report last summer exploring potential applications for 3-D printing — and the USPS has an equally consistent habit of dismissing its suggestions. In July, the USPS strongly refuted an OIG report that concluded its cyber security measures were grossly inefficient prior to the hacks that exposed the records of 800,000 current and former employees.


“Exclusive mailbox access goes hand in hand with the sort of secure, efficient, universal, and affordable mail service that the American people expect and require,” Partenheimer states. “Mailbox access cannot be ‘rethought’ without realistic consideration of how else to provide Americans with the efficient, universal delivery of letters and other mail: a public service that the Postal Service currently performs without taxpayer dollars.”

Source: Postal Service reams proposal for smarter, UPS-accessible mailboxes

Interesting reaction from USPS, especially since USPS does want to stuff your mailbox with packages (only theirs though), and they do have the privilege of doing so.  Apparently they are very afraid of any competition having to do with mailbox access – they certainly aren’t concerned as much with universal delivery, letters, security, or public service as much as they are about making money off package delivery.  And yes, the discussion has already started (a long while ago) about why mailboxes are reserved for USPS in the first place. A google search of “alternatives to USPS delivery” returns 2.1 million results.  

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