Mail Service Providers, Beware

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From the RFP Q & A document cited in my previous post –

Q 6: Is the USPS allowed to develop competing products and services that are already being provided by companies in the private sector, when such competition potentially could bring economic harm to some of the USPS’s own best customers?

R 6: The Postal Service believes that it has the authority to promote and increase the use of direct mail by small and medium sized enterprises, to the benefit the overall mailing industry. The Postal Service’s goal is to provide services that continue to add value to the mail process and reach as many customers as possible with solutions that can be offered nationwide.

Think carefully about this before sharing any proprietary information or marketing ideas and suggestions with the USPS.  Read through the Q & A document, and note how many times this is the stock response from the Postal Service:

Q 8: Ref. Sec. 1.2 – Can we be provided with a copy of this research/assessment, or at a minimum the associated executive summaries
R 8: This information is considered proprietary and confidential.

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April 22nd, 2010 at 10:12 am

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  1. The issue is that fraudulent data has been submitted regarding mail volume.I get mail that is addressed to may mother who died in 1994.This should not happen.A full time carrier who did the same rout each day would not let this happen.Postal officials do not want this type of accuracy because they have been storring the mail and submitting fraudulent data to justify the implimentation of new mail processing equipment.In 2004 it was reported to the Homeland Security Committee that 28% of the mail that is processed by independent mail processors is not delivered.If all of the mail was delivered on time all the time and monitored for accuracy,you would be able to tell how many managers are needed.They don’t want that.The game is afoot…it’s racketeering!Any one who believes that the post office is loseing money is a fool.The post office generates at least $2 million per hour.

    allen sanford

    22 Apr 10 at 12:32 pm

  2. I believe that the information for this project could be realized by filing a Freedom of Information request.

    It would help if one were to work with their local Representative or Senator if they are the type that will hold the USPS’s feet to the fire.

    Current administration sycophants will not be of any help.

    John Lindholm

    23 Apr 10 at 9:42 am

  3. To A. Sanford, first of all it’s not the PO that is to blame for the mail addressed to your late mother, it’s the mailer from whom is sending it. Either they keep information and never check as to whether is is accurate or not. Or they buy an old mailing list. The PO is not going to intercept this, it is our revenue. IF this mail was 1st class, the carrier most likely would know. Most of the mail you are receiving is more than likely STANDARD mail, which the mailer got a discount on. If you don’t want mail addressed for your mother, contact the mailer and tell them to take her off the mailing list and you won’t have to deal with it.
    I have no idea where you come up with your information about the PO. You are clearly misguided. Yes, we have severe management problems. Mostly way too many people in management, if we were to eliminate 2/3’s of them, we’d be in the black. And the comment about the PO generating $2million per hour, get real!

    clerk at PO

    23 Apr 10 at 9:58 am

  4. Our job is to deliver items that people pay us to deliver. We are not here to deceide what mail you should and shouldn’t receive. You may want to contact the person or company that is sending your deceased mother mail and let them know. Storing mail?? Really?? I bet we keep it stored on an Alien space ship so no one can find it. Your claims are a bit out there….


    23 Apr 10 at 3:02 pm

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