Mail.dat Full Service eDoc Essentials – .imr .pdr .pbc

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Are you doing Full Service Intelligent mail now (ahead of the January 2014 requirement in order to get the lowest postage rates) and using Mail.dat? If so, here is a key piece of information that you need to know and make an informed decision about.  In order to have visibility into mailings, and be included in service performance reporting, your choices are .pbc or .pdr.
.pdr = Piece Detail Record
.pbc= Piece Barcode

OK, which one of these do I choose?

.pbc Piece Barcode is the right choice for most.  It is smaller than (although not by much) the .pdr Piece Detail, and Piece Detail contains some additional fields.

TIP    .imr = Intelligent Mil Range Record (if you are using this, switch to .pdr or .pbc as soon as possible.   If you are just getting started, do not use .imr.  .Imr is slated to be eliminated from the Mail.dat specification and is not recommended for use.

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August 15th, 2012 at 10:15 pm

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