Issues With Full Service ACS and Mail.dat .IMR

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Today’s DMM Advisory confirms a problem that some mailers trying to get Full Service “Free” ACS data have been reporting –

“Mailers who submit Full-Service mailings containing Intelligent Mail Range (IMR) records with a low number of pieces in the range are experiencing issues with receiving ACS information. We are working towards a resolution. The PostalOne! ® Helpdesk will contact affected mailers to provide assistance. Please continue to report all issues in receiving ACS data to the PostalOne! Helpdesk at 1-800-522-9085.”

Many publishers and other mailers who counted on Full Service “Free” ACS in their budgeting for 2010, and for use in complying with Move Update requirements, are finding themselves having to use alternatives like Traditional or One-Code ACS at an additional cost, through no fault of their own.

Preparing mail for Full-Service is an onerous and complicated process, adding cost to mailings.   Add to that a combination of the negligible discount, Full Service “Free” ACS being difficult and unreliable–Full Service is getting to be harder and harder to sell to increasingly wary mailers.

Written by Lisa.Bowes

January 29th, 2010 at 7:04 pm

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