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…But a steady drumbeat of bad news over the past few years around its financial situation, potential cuts in service, and uncertainty over its retail and network downsizing plans has unsettled stakeholders. The question many of them ask is whether the ongoing negative news coverage could be hurting the overall brand. Even the PMG noted earlier this year that the mailing industry is experiencing a “crisis in confidence.”

via Is the Brand Suffering? | USPS OIG.

In addition, whether the USPS realizes it or not (or simply does not care), there is a crisis in trust between the USPS and the mailing industry.  Trust amongst business partners is crucial in order to build for mutual success – growing the mail.  But when one of the “partners” repeatedly takes questionable actions, and ultimately cannot be trusted, the result is never a good thing for either “partner”…

United we stand…divided, we all fail.

Unfortunately, the USPS fails are usually of epic proportions…

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August 6th, 2012 at 10:03 am

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