Intelligent Mail Technical Webinars

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The USPS will be holding regular Intelligent Mail® Technical Integration Webinars in the coming weeks.  These webinars are intended to answer technical questions regarding Intelligent Mail implementation.  The webinars will supplement the current documentation and resources at USPS RIBBS site.

The Webinars will be conducted every two weeks on Fridays from 1:00 p.m.–2:30 p.m. Eastern. The first Intelligent Mail Technical Integration Webinar is March 6.

Mailers are requested to forward their questions to at least four days in advance of the Webinar.

Dial-in Information
Audio: 800-932-9280
Meeting ID: 0288185

Other information you should know:

* USPS® participants at the Webinars will be experts on technical specifications and business processes pertaining to Intelligent Mail services, particularly Full Service.
* During the Webinars, the USPS experts will first answer the technical questions forwarded to They will answer questions that are relevant to the mailing industry at large or to a broad spectrum of mailers. Questions tailored to a specific mailer should be forwarded to the PostalOne! help desk, Business Mail Acceptance personnel, or local Business Mailer Support analysts.
* Upon answering the questions forwarded in advance to, the USPS will use the remainder of the time to answer questions that are forwarded during the Webinar session. Questions that are not able to be answered during the session will be addressed in a successive session, provided they meet the criteria of applicability to a larger audience.
* Frequently Asked Questions will be compiled and logged in the “Frequently Asked Questions” document posted on, no later than the Tuesday after the call.
* Prior to submitting questions, mailers are encouraged to review the various Intelligent Mail services “Guides”, so that you understand the requirements of the Basic and Full-Service options for Intelligent Mail services.

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