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What should your trigger be in order to get started with Intelligent Mail (if you haven’t already)?  Although Intelligent Mail barcodes will not be mandatory for USPS bulk mail discounts until 2011, and the Full Service Intelligent Mail discount ($1 per 1,000 Standard Mail, $3 per thousand First-Class Mail) does not go into effect until November 29, 2009, there are some good reasons to migrate to the IMb right now:

1.  Right now -take advantage of USPS OneCode services.  If you are a current Traditional ACS and/or Confirm user, trasition over to a single barcode and free up valuable address-block real estate.  Both Basic and Full-Service Intelligent Mail users can utilize OneCode ACS (with lower rates than Traditional ACS) and OneCode Confirm services.  If you have not used these USPS services in the past, incorporate the possibilities into your Intelligent Mail barcode planning.

2.  Avoid last-minute issues.  Adoption of the Intelligent Mail barcode now will have you in a better position to be guaranteed to be ready to go when the discounts do become available in November ’09.  Those who wait too long to get going may end up getting left behind, unable to catch up.

3.  In May 2009, access new IMb value-added services, such as Start-the-Clock container information and Full Service address correction information.

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March 30th, 2009 at 11:33 am

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