Intelligent Mail lassoes 500 million mail pieces – DMNews

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Quoted from the article:

“DMNews: How did Intelligent Mail work for the Census?

Day: We were able to see it all. I have a website that my staff built that literally allows us to drill down and look at individual pieces.”

Intelligent Mail lassoes 500 million mail pieces – DMNews.

This is an example of yet another USPS article touting the “Intelligent Mail” success of the Census mailings, with an all-important fact left out.  There is no such thing as individual piece tracking with Intelligent Mail available to the mailing public-without the use of added-on USPS Confirm service. The statement cited above is an endorsement of one of the major benefit of using CONFIRM service – not just by using Intelligent Mail barcodes.  One-Code Confirm can be added on to Intelligent Mail mailings at an additional cost.  Confirm service can even be added to POSTNET mailings by adding a second barcode.

I find this smoke-and-mirrors approach by the USPS to be misleading at best.  As a Confirm service provider, I fully understand the major value of Confirm scan information.  The Postal Service is trying to come up with Intelligent Mail benefits, and since those benefits are lacking, they have “borrowed” some benefits from the Confirm prgram.  Don’t be misled – mailers and mail owners need to educate themselves, and get the facts.

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April 23rd, 2010 at 2:08 pm

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  1. Hummmm…but for the Mid sized MSP’s and Mail Owners in some SW Area Districts…who were early adopters who spent thousands of dollars on IM Full Service; they are finding that dealing with the IM FS process is far to complex and un-rewarding financially and funtionally for the MSP or Mail Owner. So, they are no longer going to participate in IM Full Service effective immediately.

    Norine Butte

    23 Apr 10 at 9:03 pm

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