Intelligent Mail Implementation in 3 Phases

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More notes from MTAC, some dates and details regarding Intelligent Mail implementation plans for next year:

Release I – MAY 09 (5//11/09)
Support for Start-the-Clock for Mail.dat users
Support for address information data for Mail.dat users
Support for electronic documentation exchange via Mail.dat ver 09-1 and Postal Wizard
Support for Customer-Supplier Agreements
Will support range records
Will not support all of Mail.XML, will support FAST Appointment Scheduling and Data Distribution
Will not support Manifest Mailings

Mailers using Mail.dat today to submit electronic documentation will be the first to test the system.

Pre-production testing will between 3/31/09 & 4/24/09
Release 1 production environment 5/11/09
Test environment for customers 5/18/09 – USPS is building a separate test environment to mirror the production environment.

Release II – SEPTEMBER 09
Service performance measurement
Mail.dat 09-1 Manifest Mailings
Mail.XML 6.0
Support for start-the-clock for Mail.dat/Mail.XML users
Support for address information data for Mail.dat/Mail.XML users
Pre-production testing of the USPS system 8/1-8/7/09
Production environment 9/6/09
Testing for new mailers 9/13/09

Release III – LATE FALL 09
Support for lower IMb pricing for Full Service
Support for ACS charges for non-compliance
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