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On October 9, updated guides will be posted to RIBBS>Intelligent Mail Services>Guides. Changes include: A Guide to Intelligent Mail for Letters and Flats, Section 4 was enhanced to improve the descriptions on Full-Service feedback and distribution methods. In the User Access to Electronic Mailing Information Reports Guide: Access to Electronic Mailing Reports, Full-Service Address Correction Data Elements (Exhibit B), two new fields were added to the layout of the ACS download report as the industry requested. The old address delivery point ZIP Code® and the new address delivery point ZIP Code which will be available in the PostalOne! Release 22 scheduled for November 15.

A draft updated Postal ServiceTM Mail.dat® Technical Specification is on RIBBS>Intelligent Mail Services>Guides. This update enhances the description of existing file validations and the features that will be available in PostalOne! Release 22. It describes the use of the USPS® Mail.dat Client to upload the version 08-2 file available November 15 and includes a description of workstation requirements for Mail.dat large file submissions. An updated version of this specification will be published October 16 taking into account industry feedback received during the review period.

A draft updated Postal Service Mail.XML Technical Specification will be posted for industry review from November 2 – November 6. All three volumes, i.e., Postal Service Mail.XML Technical Specification for Postage Payment and Reporting (eDoc), Postal Service Mail.XML Technical Specification for Appointment Scheduling (FAST), and Postal Service Mail.XML Technical Specification for Profiles and Full-Service Feedback, will be updated with this publication. This updated version will include enhanced descriptions on the use of Mail.XML messaging for receiving Full-Service ACSTM. It will include server security specification for mailers who wish to receive Full-Service feedback via the Mail.XML push method. It will also include enhanced WSDL files to help with software development. Old WSDL files will remain available and backward compatible to avoid any impacts to existing software. The final Mail.XML Technical Specification will be published on November 12.

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