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… In particular, we found the Postal Service had fallen short in developing a comprehensive plan for the continued development and use of IMb data. Notably, the Postal Service’s plans around the use of IMb data have grown considerably since its original vision of the program and it has not taken into account the needs of all mailers.

The Postal Service needs to upgrade its data storage capabilities and data systems to accommodate the growing use of IMbs and to support stakeholders’ needs.

The silver lining in this delay could be that it gives the Postal Service another year to develop a comprehensive IMb data plan that includes detailed input from all business users and identifies costs and milestones for the life of the IMb program. It also gives mailers more time to get ready, while letting those already in the Full-Service IMb program keep their modest discounts.

Share your thoughts on the Full-Service IMb and the delayed implementation date.

Do you think another year will make a difference in the readiness of mailers? Of the Postal Service’s systems? What incentives would you like to see to encourage smaller mailers to make the conversion to Full-Service IMb? If you are already Full-Service compliant, what value do you get from the program?

via Intelligence Delayed, but Not Derailed | Office of Inspector General.

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January 27th, 2014 at 11:27 am

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