IMb Requirements Implementation Date Change for Business Reply Mail

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Per the Postal Bulletin 22266 today, the timeline for implementation of the Intelligent Mail barcode requirements for Business Reply Mail pieces has been postponed until May 2011.  The USPS had originally announced requirements for qualified QBRM letters and Cards and PRM pieces would be effective in May 2010.  This postponement gives users of these services more time to transition over, using up current printed stock supplies and enabling more time for planning for the future.

This change came about mainly from a recommendation made by MTAC Work Group #128, under the leadership of USPS Co-Chair Linda Stewart and Industry Co-Chair Jody Berenblatt from Bank of America.  This is a good example of how MTAC Work Groups can influence and accomplish changes that benefit both the USPS and the mailing industry at large.

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August 27th, 2009 at 11:18 am

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