Hurricane Sandy and USPS Efforts to Recover – How Mailers Can Help

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As the USPS efforts to recover normalcy after Hurricane Sandy, there are ways mailers can help ease the burden, support, and speed recovery.

Know that all levels of the Postal Service are working feverishly from HQ to delivery.  The first order of priority is the safety and security of both USPS employees and postal customers who rely on the services.  Postal workers are facing the same difficulties as so many of the rest of the citizens, power outages, gas shortages, and transportation difficulties, especially in NY and NJ. I live in CT, and folks from NY looking for gasoline have been coming across the border, causing long lines and short tempers.  Patience and cooperation is paramount.

There are efforts to deliver Social Security checks and other needed items as a priority.  Political mail, obviously because of the elections on Tuesday, is going to get priority.

Drop Ship mailers, make your FAST appointments as far in advance as you can, and keep as close to appointment time arrival as possible.  This gives the Postal Service volume planning information as they work to catch up from storm delays while still keeping the mail system moving.  Try not t inundate any redirect location or affected area location with a flood of new volume as they work to handle the volume that had been affected by the storm, and/or would usually be at another location.

A balanced, common sense approach will enable the USPS to ramp back up at a steady, manageable pace.


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November 3rd, 2012 at 6:25 pm

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