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The U.S. Postal Service uses highway contract routes (HCR) to transport mail between its facilities. An extra trip is an infrequent trip made in addition those that are outlined in the contract. The Postal Service must complete a Postal Service Form 5397 to authorize an extra trip and a Postal Service Form 5429 to certify the trip was performed and payment is due to the supplier. If a payment is not made timely, the Postal Service is charged interest on the amount owed.


We also determined procedures for authorizing and documenting extra trips were not always followed. Over 49 percent of PS Forms 5397 (or 3,163 of 6,342) were not completed properly. Local officials did not always review or authorize these forms and, in some cases, recorded incorrect miles for the trips. Consequently, the Greensboro District incurred $536,643 in costs that were not properly supported or authorized.

We also found that the Postal Service made 34 interest payments because Postal Service Forms 5397 were not submitted on time. Finally, we identified 120 instances where trip dates on Postal Service Forms 5429 did not match those on Forms 5397 because employees were not adequately trained and monitored.

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