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You will want to get a copy of this particular DMM Advisory and keep it for future reference.  It isn’t posted yet at the DMM Advisory page, but when it is, it will be dated 12/3:

-Hand-Held Scanning Devices used in Full-Service Verifications: The use of hand-held scanning devices (FS-IMD) has been introduced to assist in Full-Service verifications. Based on feedback from the industry via the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC), the Postal Service has simplified verifications to limit disqualifications of Full-Service mailings to:

* No electronic documentation
* No Intelligent Mail® barcode on containers OR- Intelligent Mail container placards are placed inside (under) shrink wrap
* No Intelligent Mail barcode on handling units
* No Intelligent Mail barcode on mailpieces

Other error types will be documented and supplied to the mailer to help improve mailing quality and assessments for these will be deferred until March 2010. A description of the verification and acceptance procedures can be found in Changes to Acceptance Processes in Support of Full-Service Mailing on RIBBSTM under Intelligent Mail Latest News .

Also in this DMM Advisory are some statistics on Full Service, ones that don’t exactly give the full picture:

“The PostalOne!® system processes 99.49% Full-Service mailings in less than two hours: With nearly 5,000 Full-Service electronic files submitted between November 15 and November 20, 90% were processed by PostalOne! in less than 10 minutes, and 99.49% were processed in less than two hours. The remaining 0.51% that took longer than 2 hours to process was large volume mailings that are complex in nature and submitted by a limited number of mailers. The Postal ServiceTM continues to work with this group of mailers to improve performance issues.”

>>However – note the use of “mailings”.  These mailings are not defined – are they all mailings of under 10,000 pieces – thus not requiring eDocs (Wizard instead).  These mailings are so simple they don’t even require a qualification report.  Mailers on the WG 122 call seemed to be skeptical about these claims, as their processing times are far longer, and in some cases not workable.  What has your experience with Full Service been like?  Comment or email me.

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