Full Service Rules, Regulations, Requirements = Ramifications

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And here is a good example of what mail service providers are up against.  Here is a list of the updated Guides and Specifications, hundreds of pages that mailers are expected to master in order to present Full Service mailings:

‘To support the current release through PostalOne! Release 25.0.0 on November 7, 2010, the following guides are updated and available for review at RIBBS

eDoc Process: A Guide for CPP Customers
Postal Service Mail.dat® Technical Specification
Postal Service Mail.XML® Technical Specification for Postage Payment & Reporting (eDoc)
Postal Service Mail.XML Technical Specification for Appointment Scheduling (FAST)
Postal Service Mail.XML Technical Specification for Profiles; Full-Service Feedback”

Something to fill your Holiday beach reading list…better not wait until October to plan to implement.

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May 28th, 2010 at 4:57 pm

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