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For many mailers and mail owners, there is little return on investment on their Full Service dollars besides the $1/$3 per thousand discount.  It seems that much of the USPS focus for PostalOne November release 25 is on taking back as much of that Full Service discount as possible.

PostalOne! Release Notes 25.0.0 Implementation 11-07-2010 (PDF/123KB)

First items in the release notes:
PostalOne! release 25.0.0 will provide capabilities to invoice Full-Service mailers who incur charges for

In the November 2010 PostalOne! release, the Postal Service will introduce a process for evaluation of
eDoc for Full-Service mailings.  The new process will use a census approach where every container,
handling unit and piece will be evaluated for Full-Service Discount eligibility.  eDoc verification errors
identified in container and handling unit records will result in the loss of the Full-Service discount for all
Full-Service pieces contained in the containers or handling units. For logical containers and handling units,
due to lack of visibility of pieces tied to physical containers, the loss of discount will be assessed for all
Full-Service pieces in the logical containers and handling units when an error occurs.

PostalOne!® Issues List (PDF/43KB)

Back at the PostalOne Issues list, there are 33 pages of issues.  More than 110 of the the issues listed have no release date assigned to them.  Some of the assigned ones are assigned to Release 27, which takes place in May 2011, tentatively.

Penalties (oops, sorry, Assessments) Assessments as a revenue stream is never a good strategy.  Cooperative effort would be a much better way to go.  Be reasonable, and always apply common sense.  And, if perfection is the expectation, don’t be suprised when the perfection is expected in return.  The same standards and expectations need to apply.

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