First Bit of MTAC News – Full Service Pallet Placards

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First news flash from MTAC – Full Service Pallet Placards MUST be placed on the outside of the shrinkwrap – no exceptions, no compromises from USPS.  If mailers do not place the placard on the outside, as of May 09 – the mailing WILL NOT qualify for Full Service.  Period.

This is a major issue for mailers who palletize and drop ship.  The expense of affixing the labels, the major possibility of placards falling off, the possibility of consolidators or other transport having to wrap shaky loads covering the placard – all are issues mailers will have to contend with.

This is not good news for any mailer – or mail owner, who may see their costs go up to cover the additional expense this will force on the industry.

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November 19th, 2008 at 11:11 am

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