Extraordinary and Exceptional Error

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1.very unusual or remarkable.
1.unusual; not typical.
From Senator Susan Collins letter to the PRC dated October 18, 2013:
“…the “extraordinary or exceptional circumstances” required to initiate an exigent rate case under the PAEA exist only if “terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and other events …cause significant and substantial declines in mail volume or increases in operating costs that the Postal Service cannot reasonably be expected to adjust to in the normal course of business.”
The “great recession” is not a extraordinary or exceptional circumstance – the PRC made a grave error in interpretation.  The price cap so critical to mail owners in planning their budgets has been effectively blown out of the water.  2014 budgets for mailers have long been completed – higher rates will equate to lower volumes that will not be coming back.  The result will be a devastating acceleration of diversion of mail to more predictable and manageable rates afforded by other media channels.

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December 26th, 2013 at 11:18 am

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