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Unedited excerpts from the article in quotes.

My comments in italics.

“Lawmaker thinks he can finally capture his white whale by making everyone unhappy.”

“Despite the boosted outreach efforts, aides conceded no one will be completely thrilled with the final product. A true compromise, they said, means everyone is unhappy.”

A true compromise should mean everybody has something to be happy about.  Not the above.  Really setting the bar high by expecting everyone to be unhappy…

“The legislation also eliminates the annual payments scheduled to prefund retiree health benefits, which the Postal Service has neglected to make in recent years…”

Eliminate the payments the USPS is already not paying.  Great plan.  But then in the next sentence…

“The bill would amortize payments over the next 40 years and require accounts to be 80 percent, rather than 100 percent, prefunded.”

So, not eliminated.  Perpetuate a bad idea,  just at a lesser degree.

“Another major sticking point of postal reform has been stripped from the bill entirely, namely any mention of the requirement to deliver mail six days each week. ”

Five days, six days, seven days, four days.  Delivery is dictated by Amazon, not Congress anyway, depending on what Amazon considers to be the definition of mail, and what price they want to pay.

“The reform measure will allow postal customers to voluntarily opt into cluster boxes or curbside delivery, rather than receiving mail at their doors.”

Who the heck in their right mind would opt in to this?

“Several more controversial provisions of the bill attempt to right-size the agency’s infrastructure, stabilize operations and boost revenues. The bill would place a five-year moratorium on closing post offices and reducing their hours below certain levels, a similar freeze on cutting delivery standards (though the Postal Service could opt to require faster mail delivery) and a two-year stoppage of closing mail processing plants. The Postal Service in 2012 slowed down its mail delivery standards to enable a dramatic consolidation of its processing network. Further closures scheduled for 2015 were postponed indefinitely after USPS was consistently missing even its more lax delivery windows.”

Since there is no common sense being applied here, no comment.  Aside from maybe a suggestion to apply some common sense.

“In a move that will likely anger large-scale mailers, the bill would make permanent an emergency price increase instituted in 2013. The rate is currently set to expire next year, though the Postal Service is fighting that in court. ”

Anger mailers?  It should anger EVERYBODY who has to pay higher rates!  Exigency should go away, as the courts determined.  USPS has no money to deliver the mail on time, but plenty for an army of lawyers, it seems.  And who ever heard of a permanent emergency?

Carper is also attempting to improve the morale of the postal workforce through studies into and working group discussions on workplace happiness.

See earlier common sense comment.  Consultants, studies, and empty talk accomplish nothing.  It’s not rocket science to understand why postal workers aren’t happy.  And the very next sentence…

“As have Carper’s previous postal reform proposals, the bill includes one element of reform affecting the entire civilian workforce. It would shift federal employees earning workers compensation to less generous benefits once they reach retirement eligibility.”

Yep, that ought to go a long way in improving workforce happiness.  Good plan.

“My legislation offers a comprehensive solution to the Postal Service’s financial challenges that would put it on solid financial footing, improve service and allow the institution to adapt to a digital age. This legislation calls for shared sacrifice from all stakeholders and represents a thoughtful compromise while bringing badly-needed stability to the Postal Service’s finances.”

Keyword here is the first word of the Senator’s summation.  MY.  See opening sentence on white whales.

last but not least…

“For its part, the Postal Service said it is still reviewing the bill and declined to offer a further comment.

Source: EXCLUSIVE: Senator Introduces Bill in Yet Another Attempt to Save the U.S. Postal Service – Oversight – GovExec.com


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