DMM Advisory – Intelligent Mail Weekly Update

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Intelligent Mail update courtesy of the DMM Advisory:

PostalOne! and FAST Outages –
10pm CDT on April 25 through 10pm CDT on April 26
there will also be a 12-hour outage between May 9 and May 10
During these outages mailers will be unable to access PostalOne! or submit any electronic mailing documentation.  This outage does not affect FAST online scheduling.

Beginning May 11 PostalOne! and FAST customers will have a new interface to access their accounts. All external customers will access their accounts via the new Business Customer Gateway. To support this change, we are implementing a process to migrate active PostalOne! and FAST customer accounts to the Gateway. Most users will be able to access PostalOne! and FAST with their current username and password. Some users may be required to change their passwords when they log in.

No Mailer IDs will be issued between May 1 and May 10! Mailers can use the new online tool to acquire Mailer IDs starting May 11. Refer to the new online process in the updated User Access to Electronic Mailing Information and Reports. Mailers should continue to access the Confirm and ACS help desks to attain Mailer IDs as necessary.

Updated Guides – The following guides were updated on RIBBS on April 21: Resource Map; Guide to Intelligent Mail for Letters and Flats; Intelligent Mail and Electronic Documentation: Ready, Set, Go; Postal Service Mail.dat Technical Specification; Postal Service Mail.XML  Technical Specification; and User Access to Electronic Mailing Information and Reports.

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