Call for Industry Feedback on the USPS Flats Strategy

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From an Industry Alert

Call for Industry Feedback on the

USPS Flats Strategy

Comments due by November 14, 2013

The USPS in May 2013 began working with key industry associations representing flats mailers to develop an updated strategic plan for flats.  We thank these associations for their continuing work and support of this initiative, which has helped identify the outlook and barriers to flats product growth in the next few years.

We have posted a working draft of the flats strategic plan on the Industry Outreach page on RIBBS located in the Industry Alert and Notices section. This working draft represents preliminary information around the current state of flats, including a wealth of information about flats operations and equipment, as well as recent strategies aimed to reduce flats costs.  It is not yet a fully-formed strategic plan, however, because more discussion and work are needed (you will note there are some sections not yet written in the draft).

While the ink is not dry on this first working draft, we are continuing to work with these key flats associations on enhancements.  Subsequent drafts will include revisions suggested by our core working group, including an overall strategic vision statement, an executive summary of key strategies, outline of our future collaborative process, a definition of “flats,” outline of supply chain partner support strategies, a more in-depth analysis of flats industry segments and trends, outline of service improvement strategies, and a more focused discussion of cost reduction and product growth strategies.

If flats are a key part of your business, we encourage you to review this first working draft and provide us with your feedback.  Please submit feedback in either format listed below:

  • Contact the key associations (listed in Page 2 of the draft document) you belong to and provide them with your input.

Please note that although you will not receive an individual response to your email, we will consider all feedback to help formulate the next draft of the plan, scheduled for late November.

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October 28th, 2013 at 2:00 pm

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