USPS Announces A Phased Transition For Marketing Mail

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In January 2017, Standard Mail® will undergo a name change and be rebranded as USPS Marketing Mail™. It is expected that this name change will better communicate to mailers how this mail class can be used. In response to feedback from the mailing community, we are implementing this change in a phased transition period to allow both hardware and software changes to be implemented successfully.

  • The new indicia and/or postage markings should not be used for letter or flat mail until January 2018 at the earliest.
  • Tray label and pallet markings will be deferred until mid-2017 at the earliest.

Other types of changes, such as changes to postage statements and forms, can move forward with the January 2017 price change. This phased transition period will allow both hardware and software changes to be implemented successfully. A schedule will be published in early 2017 to assist mailers with implementation.

The Domestic Mail Manual (DMM®) and DMM Advisories are available on Postal Explorer (

Source:  USPS DMM Advisory

Commentary:  I have not heard a single word of support for this idea from anyone in the mailing industry.  First of all, not all Standard Mail is “Marketing Mail”.  Secondly, making the change in software and forms and documents come at a cost–what will the return on investment for both industry and the USPS be?  Negligible.  Change for the sake of change is not a good strategy.  Two closing words:  “New Coke”.  

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December 27th, 2016 at 10:07 am

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