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Last Remaining Postal Governor POST DATED Rate Hikes |

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The “Dead Hand” clause is certainly legal and no intent of wrongdoing is implied. In this case, the documents were signed by a “trustee” of the Postal Service acting in the agency’s best interests under the assumption that no new governors would be appointed. In fact, there is wording in the documents that could rescind the decisions if new governors are appointed. Moreover, the Postal Service deserves credit for planning at least a year ahead.

However, the post dated documents may not sit well with mailers impacted by rate decisions made in 2016 that affect rates in 2018. The post dated documents also highlight the precarious situation that has left the USPS with no governors at a critical time.

Source: Last Remaining Postal Governor POST DATED Rate Hikes |

Commentary:  The other critical issues this top secret manipulation highlight – #1 the fact that raising rates can be post dated, but postal promotions, promised and then yanked, can’t.  Seems odd.  #2 Budgets could have been planned based on this info, had it been shared.  And most importantly #3 – the USPS requires additional oversight, not less. 

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October 11th, 2017 at 2:46 pm

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