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USPS – Dependable and Reliable IT Systems

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Excerpted rom an Industry Alert this morning, see below.  To add, Informed Visibility was also down.

Attention Business Customer Gateway, FAST, and PostalOne!® Users:

The issue impacting access to the Business Customer Gateway, PostalOne! , FAST, eInduction, Electronic Verification System (eVS), Product Tracking and Reporting (PTR), Seamless Acceptance and Service Performance (SASP), Centralized Account Processing System (CAPS), Intelligent Mail Business Accounting (IMba), and other applications is resolved.

If mailers and acceptance units still experience a delay in jobs appearing on the PostalOne! dashboard, we will continue to accept the mailings under the PostalOne! and eInduction contingency plan

Commentary:  It is unacceptable for a business (as USPS wants so badly to be considered such) to even consider assessing mailers with financial penalties (using the guilty-until-you-prove-yourself-innocent method) for imperfections in mail prep and/or edoc when their own systems are unstable, unreliable, and riddled with issues. Perhaps mailers should start assessing the USPS for system issues, cost because of having to maintain a backup system, cost from having to go to contingency at the drop of a hat, USPS data problems, and poor delivery?  People in glass houses…

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August 22nd, 2017 at 9:23 am

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