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USPS Flats Mailers – Important!

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Updates to Mail Direction File

CORRECTION:  Redirection for 604-605 SCF S Suburban IL 604 Flats

The Mail Direction File published on May 1, 2017 contained redirections for 604-605 SCF S Suburban IL 604 Flats from the default site of South Suburban, IL P&DC to Fox Valley, IL P&DC.  The timeframe listed was 6/1/2017-6/30/2017.  This change was published in error.  All attempts should be made to drop SCF S Suburban IL 604 Flats at the Chicago NDC in Forest Park, IL.

Mailers will not be penalized for dropping this mail at the Fox Valley P&DC.  Network Operations is working closely with Mail Entry and Payment Technology to ensure that mailers will not be negatively impacted for dropping in either location.  We will follow the established criteria for mandatory dates and expiration dates based on when the data was published.

The Mail Direction File that will be published on June 1, 2017 for the July 1, 2017 effective date will not contain the incorrect redirection.  Instead, the 604-605 SCF S Suburban 604 Flats will continue to be redirected to the Chicago NDC from 6/1/2017-6/30/2017.

Mail Types Impacted:

Package Services – BPM/Library/Media/Flats-N

Package Services – BPM/Library/Media/Flats-Y

Package Services/Flats-N

Package Services/Flats-Y

USPS Marketing Mail/Flats-N

USPS Marketing Mail/Flats-Y

Periodicals (News)/Flats-N

Periodicals (News)/Flats-Y



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