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Statement of Ranking Member Tom Carper: “Nomination of the Honorable Jeffrey A. Rosen to be a Governor, U.S. Postal Service”

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Written by Lisa.Bowes

April 21st, 2016 at 7:18 pm

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PostalOne! Woes – Sorry, Again

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For the eight millionth time (sarcastically – or not?) PostalOne! issues cause mailers problems and cost them in delays and workarounds.  Instability is not conducive to doing business, at least not profitably.

From the PostalOne Help Desk (who’s specialty has become proficiency in being very sorry for any inconvenience), see notice below.  Notice includes Contingency Plan and standard obligatory apology.

USPS needs to stop spending anything on new programs and new flashy products and scorecard penalties as a revenue stream, and fix their core infrastructure.  Lack of focus, lack of performance, and lack accountability of  is killing the Postal Service – one apology at a time.

Attention Business Customer Gateway and PostalOne!® Users:

An issue is under investigation that is impacting some mailers submitting electronic mailing files.  Additional information will be provided when available.

Mailings will continue to be accepted under the PostalOne! Contingency Plan posted on RIBBS at   eInduction mailers should follow the eInduction contingency plan.

For Mail Acceptance:
The following instructions are provided for continuation of operations in the event a mailer is not able to submit an electronic postage statement to the USPS due to a USPS outage or mailer issue. BMEU and DMU locations will accept mailings under the following process:

  1. A USPS Record of Mailings Log will be maintained at USPS acceptance units for each mailing presented during a PostalOne! or mailer system issue or outage. This log is used to reconcile the mailings accepted during the system delay to postage statements on the dashboard once the outage or issue has been resolved.
  1. Postal Wizard, Mail.dat® and Mail.XML™ mailers who normally submit their postage statements electronically must be able to provide, either verbally or in written format, the following information:
    • Permit Holder
    • Total Pieces (An approximate total piece count can be provided if the mailer does not know the exact number of total pieces)
    • Total Postage (An approximate total postage amount can be provided if the mailer does not know the exact total postage for the mailing.)
    • Mailer Job ID
    • eInduction mailing: Yes or No  (If yes, mailers are not required to create hardcopy PS Form 8125(s) or provide any additional documentation).
  1. Mailers who normally submit hardcopy postage statements will continue to submit the hardcopy postage statement during a PostalOne! system outage
    • Mailers who normally submit hardcopy postage statements will be required to continue providing presort documentation with their mailings.
  1. Postal Wizard, Mail.dat® and Mail.XML™ mailers who normally submit their postage statements electronically will not be required to provide presort documentation for any mailing submitted during a USPS or mailer issue/outage.

If you have any issues with mail acceptance during this incident, please contact the PostalOne! Help Desk at 800.522.9085.


For eInduction mailings presented at the dock, PS Form 8125s are not required to be submitted.  Mailers and Dock employees will follow the eInduction Contingency Plan. The instruction below are to be followed for eInduction containers:

  1. Accept and scan all placarded containers

NOTE:  If the load is a mixed load (containing eInduction containers and regular PVDS Mail) reconcile any containers to 8125 forms.

  1. Collect 1 placard from each unloaded container for those not reconciled to 8125 forms
  2. In the SV-IMD update all unresolved containers with a 99M barcode to Accept status
  3. Release reconciled containers, and containers from which a placard was removed, into operations
  4. Retain container placards and, for mixed loads, PS Form 8125s for reconciliation.

If eInduction mailings are held at the dock for any reason, mailers should contact the FAST Help Desk at 877.569.6614.

Non-eInduction mailings will continue to submit PS Form 8125.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Written by Lisa.Bowes

April 21st, 2016 at 4:44 pm

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