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Move Update Validation Invoices – April 2015

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In August 2014,the Postal Service began utilizing Mail Processing Equipment MPE scans and electronic documentation eDoc data to measure Move Update quality on mailers who submit 75% or more of their eligible volume as Full-Service.

Full-Service mailers will begin to see the results of this verification on the Mailer Scorecard to provide the opportunity to start reviewing results and to make any necessary adjustments to avoid additional postage charges.

In January 2015,the postage assessment calculations invoice generated will be For Review Only for Move Update quality. In April 2015,mailers will be charged for Move Update errors for Move Update verification failures over the threshold.

via Microsoft Word – Mail Entry Roadmap v2.1 v2.doc – MailEntryRoadmap.pdf.

Why the phased in approach?  Mainly because the data is so bad right now.  Another Full Service benefit, in addition to opening yourself up to assessments, the customer is also the system tester. 

Deploy, then test and QC, under the USPS guise of being “agile”,

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October 16th, 2014 at 10:47 am

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