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2014 USPS Postal Facts Now Available |

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For those who appreciate historic, insightful and even obscure information about USPS, this is a favorite time of year. The 2014 edition of Postal Facts now is available.

As in past years, the new Postal Facts covers the waterfront on all things postal, ranging from the organization’s size and scope to its history to “Fun Facts” the most common Post Office name is “Clinton,” with 26 locations.

Although Postal Facts continues to be available in a printed format, USPS has expanded the information available on its online version of the publication.Included in the 2014 edition is information on how USPS continues to adapt to a digital culture with and its popular mobile apps; how information technology has transformed the organization; and the organization’s embrace of innovative mailing solutions.

Also featured is the Postal Service’s support of green technologies in the processing and delivery of the nation’s mail.Postal Facts also focuses on the traditional values that make USPS unique, such as the sanctity and security of the U.S. Mail.

Also featured is the Postal Service’s community outreach through such efforts as the annual Stamp Out Hunger food drive, the Delivering the Gift of Life campaign and “Letters to Santa.”

PMG Pat Donahoe says the publication is a “great resource” on USPS. “Postal Facts tells our story in an interesting and fun way,” he says in an introduction to the 2014 edition. “I hope you’ll keep it handy ad spend some time learning about us.”

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Penalties as a Revenue Stream – Blast From the Past

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As the USPS inches closer to penalties as a revenue stream, carefully disguised as eInduction and Seamless Acceptance, I thought I’d dust off previous posts warning of the reality to come this July.  See below.  The USPS systems calculating these penalties are not reliably accurate, at least not nearly enough to be charging fees off.  Mailers – if you are not looking at your Mailer Scorecard, you need to be – immediately.  That’s the only way you will be able to report back all the bugs and holes and bad calculations that starting in July will carry a financial penalty.

Additionally, the penalties themselves need to be called into question.  Penalties are reasonable and just if used as a last resort, after other attempts to correct the errors have failed.  It should not be the first course of a corrective action.  If the USPS incurs cost because of a mailer mistake, a penalty is in order.  However – if there is no cost to the USPS, every attempt to work with mailers to get them in compliance should be made.  A good example is “not associated to eDocs”.  What is the cost to the USPS when that error comes up?  Do the pieces require additional handling?  Mailers are discouraged from using valuable products such as Address Change Service, scared off by “Free” Full-Service ACS compliance fees – that have nothing to do with ACS itself.  Rather than making it easier for mail owners to get costly Undeliverable As Addressed mail out of the mail stream, USPS regulations and restrictions and the risk of chargebacks discourages rather than encourages participation.

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