Proposed 2014 Promotions and Incentives, from the USPS Price Filing

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Promotions and Incentives

From the USPS PRC filing R2013-10


January-December 2014:

•    High Density and Saturation Incentive Program:  Saturation and High Density Letters and Flats/Parcels are two of the highest contribution products for the Postal Service.  This proposed program provides an incentive in calendar year

2014 to current Saturation, High Density Plus and High Density customers to increase their letters and flats volume by rewarding them with a rebate on incremental mail pieces above a predetermined volume baseline. The volume baseline for each participant will be the aggregate total Saturation, High Density Plus, and High Density volume in CY2013 plus 2.0 percent.  (EDDM Retail not included in the incentive).  Incremental volumes above the customer baseline will be eligible for a rebate equal to 20 percent of the average revenue per piece for Saturation Mail and 15 percent for High Density Plus and High Density mail (rebate will be only 5 percent for nonprofit volume).   Similar to past Saturation and High Density Mail incentives that began in May 2009, this program is designed to encourage programmed or recurring mailers to increase their frequency of mailing in existing markets and expand their reach into new markets.

February-March 2014:

•    Branded Color Mobile Technology Promotion: This promotion is designed to build on the success of prior mobile technology promotions by encouraging mailers to employ visually appealing mobile print technology .  Mailers can qualify for this promotion by including, inside or on their direct mail pieces, a mobile barcode (such as Quick Response codes) or other mobile print technology that incorporates creative elements such as multiple colors and/or graphics, such as trademarks.
March-December 2014:

•    EDDM Coupon Program: This program is designed to allow the Postal Service sales organization to distribute coupons to new small business customers.  The coupons provide a $50 or $100 credit on postage for EDDM mailings.
April-June 2014:

•    Premium Advertising Promotion: This promotion is intended to encourage marketers and advertisers to use First-Class Mail as a marketing vehicle.

•    Earned Value Reply Mail Promotion: This promotion is designed to build upon the success of last year’s Earned Value Reply Mail Promotion by continuing to encourage mailers to use First-Class Mail as a primary reply mechanism for their customers.  Business Reply Mail (BRM) and Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM) pieces continue to decline along with other Single-Piece First-Class Mail.  This promotion encourages mailers to keep the BRM/CRM envelopes and cards in their outgoing mail pieces by providing them with a financial benefit when their customers mail back reply pieces.
May-June 2014:

•    Mail and Digital Personalization Promotion: This promotion is designed to enhance the value of mail by encouraging mailers to use a mailpiece and URL in their marketing campaigns that is customized to individual mail recipients. Both the mailpiece and URL/website must be personalized to qualify for this promotion.


August-September 2014:

•    Emerging Technology Promotion: Featuring Near Field Communication: This promotion is designed to build on the success of past promotions encouraging the integration of mail and mobile technology by promoting awareness of how innovative technology can be integrated with a direct mail strategy to enhance the value of direct mail.  In particular, this year’s Emerging Technology Promotion will feature Near Field Communication (NFC), as well as other qualifying technologies leading to a mobile experience.


August-December 2014:

•    Color Print in First-Class Mail Transactions Promotion: The promotion is intended to encourage producers of bills and statements to send statements with dynamic/variable color print.  Industry experts and leaders have advised that statements that utilize color ink produce greater connection and response from consumers.  The color messaging must be for marketing or consumer information purposes. The color messaging must be within the contents of the bill or statement and cannot be an addendum or separate page added to the bill or statement.
November-December 2014:

•    Mail Drives Mobile Commerce Promotion: This promotion will build upon last year’s “Mobile Buy-It Now” promotion and the upcoming  Mail Drives Mobile Commerce promotion, by continuing to encourage marketers and retailers to utilize mobile print technology in direct mail and catalogs that, when scanned, facilitate purchases on mobile devices.





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  1. What does “highest contribution product” mean?
    Didn’t the GAO/OIG report not too long ago that they did not cover the cost?

    George Neuman

    27 Sep 13 at 1:25 pm

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