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Making votes count

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With more than 25 million ballots expected to be mailed this election season, the Postal Service is encouraging voters to mail ballots early to help make sure they meet delivery deadlines set by election officials.

Voters in the contiguous 48 states should mail ballots by Nov. 3, at least three days before the Nov. 6 general election. Ballots mailed from the contiguous states to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands and vice versa should be mailed by Nov. 1, at least five days prior to the election date.

Voters need to consider the time of day when dropping off ballots in a collection box to be sure the pick-up time for the particular box has not passed the suggested mailing deadline.

Americans overseas, including military personnel, should plan on mailing ballots according to the mailing schedule at the Government Service Web page at Mailing information also is available at the local Army Post Office/Fleet Post Office APO/FPO and American embassy for deadlines specific to overseas locations.

“Mail is an increasingly important part of U.S. elections,” said COO Megan Brennan. “All American voters living overseas, whether civilian or military, have the opportunity to mail their completed ballots back home free of charge using the APO/FPO or by hand-delivering their ballots to the nearest American embassy or consulate.”

USPS also is offering the following tips for voters using mail ballots:
>Visit state websites to determine election office locations and Vote-by-Mail rules.
>Check with local election office for rules governing mail ballots.
>Place completed ballots inside their window envelopes correctly.
>Ensure proper postage and stamp placement on the upper right-hand corner of envelope.

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September 27th, 2012 at 3:10 pm

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Postal Service to default again (yawn)…

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It’s almost time for some more postal “default” news stories, and CNN Money has gotten the obligatory “insolvency” story out of the way almost a week early. The story has an interesting twist though- it rather matter of factly states the real reason for the so-called “crisis”:

The financial crunch is due to a law passed in 2007 that only Congress can fix. Congress ordered the prefunding of retiree benefits, as a way of easing federal deficits. Neither of the bills moving through Congress completely undo that mandate — they just prolong or delay it.

No failed business model? No bloated bureaucracy? Looks like someone at CNN isn’t following the script! The article even quotes NALC President Fred Rolando pointing out that far from running out of cash, the USPS has $44 billion stashed away already for the future retiree health benefits Congress is supposedly so worried about.

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USPS CIO to resume duties

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Ellis Burgoyne will resume his duties as the Postal Service’s Chief Information Officer CIO beginning Oct. 1. With Burgoyne’s return, Joe Corbett, who served as acting CIO, will return to his position as Chief Financial Officer CFO. Steve Masse, who served as the acting CFO, will resume his duties as VP, Finance and Planning, and Cynthia Sanchez-Hernandez, who temporarily assumed Masse’s duties, returns to her job as manager, Finance and Planning.

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