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OIG Paper – A Framework for Delivery Network Optimization

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OIG Paper

This paper presents analysis that focuses on optimizing the use of space in the delivery network by exploring consolidation opportunities within the existing footprint. The analytical model starts with existing delivery units and considers how to make changes that enhance the delivery network’s efficiency while meeting the demand for delivery and operational needs. Delivery units must be large enough to accommodate the space needed for in-office work and close enough to carrier routes to minimize total costs. This approach balances the inherent tradeoff of facility and labor costs against carrier travel costs. Because most delivery units also offer retail services, the model assumes that retail services in closed delivery units can transition to other existing retail units.

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September 10th, 2012 at 5:00 pm

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Green light for extension of USPS direct mail service

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“Regulators have given the green light for the US Postal Service to make its simplified direct mail service for small businesses a permanent addition to its portfolio.

Every Door Direct Mail has been trialled since early last year, allowing SMEs to run saturation mail advertising campaigns in their local areas without requiring lists of individual addresses.

The trial has already seen 32,000 businesses register for the service, and generated around $50m in revenues.”

via Green light for extension of USPS direct mail service.

Unfortunately, the data is skewed to make this program look successful at any cost.  Depends on how you measure success.

Wouldn’t you also measure diverted mail, mail that used to go at full rate?  The sales tactics and practices for EDDM, including relaxing requirements and pointing out flaws in OTHER classes of mail in order to sell this product, above anything else, is misguided. Requiring lists of individual address is very much so the right way to go in most cases.  Portraying it in a bad light in order to sell against it is short-sighted and will ultimately damage the mail stream.


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September 10th, 2012 at 4:16 pm

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