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Jim Cochrane, vice president, Product Information, has become a self-described “evangelist for collaboration” for the Postal Service and the mailing industry to work together and make the mail 100 percent visible by 2014.

That means customers will know in real time where their mail or packages are in the postal network and precisely when they’re delivered. USPS is testing new scanners that carriers will use to meet this goal.

Cochrane told an audience they must “embrace the future” and universally adopt the Intelligent Mail barcode IMb. He said the proposed deadline of January 2013 for ending POSTNET is the first step in the transition to 100 percent visibility for packages and the mail.

The IMb already is being used to dramatically improve service performance through scanning, with packages routinely scanned up to 10 times as they pass through the USPS network.

Mailers can make good use of real-time tracking of all mail to add value to their products, Cochrane said. He’s mapped a strategy for 100 percent visibility that will benefit major mailers, small and medium businesses and consumers.

Cochrane believes the way to make the best use of the data that’s becoming available is for USPS and its customers to embrace new technology and work together to improve bottom lines. “Is customized information about your mailings important to your business?” he asked NPF attendees. “You tell us.”

via PCC Insider April 6, 2012 Special Edition.

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April 8th, 2012 at 8:37 pm

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