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Mailers Getting Cold Feet About Postal Service Cuts

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October 19th, 2011 at 11:33 pm

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USPS Product-Formerly-Known-As-Confirm

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From the USPS price filing, p27:

“The prices for Confirm service are being set to zero, because the Postal Service intends to end Confirm service once existing customers’ subscriptions end.  The service will become a feature of the classes of mail that include letters and flats when the mailers use an IMb that contains a Mailer Identification (MID) code that has been registered to receive scan data (Factors 1 and 13).

Factors—In establishing or revising such system, the Postal Regulatory Commission shall take into account—

(1) the value of the mail service actually provided each class or type of mail service to both the sender and the recipient, including but not limited to the collection, mode of transportation, and priority of delivery;

(13) the value to the Postal Service and postal users of promoting intelligent mail and of secure, sender-identified mail

So.  What does that mean for mail tracking?  Here’s the scoop:

Mail tracking, “Confirm” as we know it, will continue, as is, uninterrupted.  There is no intention of doing away with it.  It is currently being referred to as part of “IMb Tracing” initiatives, it doesn’t have a catchy name yet.  I’m going to call it Mail Piece Tracking for now.  Mail Piece Tracking RAW DATA (very important to note) will be made available for BOTH Full Service and Basic IMb users at no charge.  There will be no charge from the USPS (the charge formerly known as Subscriber Delegate ID) for registering an MID to receive or route scan data.  This is effective with the price change January 2012.

Raw data is the same data coming out of Confirm now, exactly.  There are plans to add additional data on containers, but the piece level data will be the same as the current Confirm product.

Questions?  Comment, or drop me a note…

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October 19th, 2011 at 6:28 pm

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USPS Responds to MTE Shortages

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This industry alert was just distributed to MTAC members:

We acknowledge and understand your frustration with the Mail Transport Equipment (MTE) issues you have shared with us over the last few weeks in certain pockets of the country.  We will not bother you with the whys or reasons as you are more concerned with the how and when it will be fixed.

Our Headquarters Network Operations and MTE offices have undertaken several steps to fill gaps in our shortages and improve our processes where they have broken.  The demand for certain products is at a four year high which adds to the issue.

To start with, we purchased 200,000 presswood pallets in the final weeks of FY 2011 to meet needs till our FY 2012 orders started arriving.  Currently, our FY 2012 orders of pallets, sacks, and flat tubs are arriving and entering the mail stream.  We expect the first orders of trays and sleeves to start arriving very soon.

We realize this is only stemming the tide of your needs at present, so we have undertaken two additional steps to meet your needs.  First, we have placed an immediate order for slat wood pallets to get into the system immediately.  We realize these pallets are not your first choice but they can be made immediately available.  Secondly, we have advanced our Quarter 2 pallet purchases so we can build up the volume in the network and eliminate the roving shortages.

We have also extended weekend hours where appropriate at some of our MTESCs to enable them to process equipment from our plants and maintain our supplies.  We also have put processes in place with the Area and District Operations to monitor and move product from one location to another with peak demand.  Finally, we are continuing to work with our Supply Management team to move up timeframes for delivery of other products in high demand that were originally planned for Qtr 2.

Your concerns have been heard loud and clear at all levels of our organization.  We welcome your continued feedback so we can continue to improve the situation.  We value your business and we value your partnership with the USPS.

Susan M. LaChance
Postal MTAC Co-Chair
VP Consumer and Industry Affairs

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October 19th, 2011 at 3:40 pm

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Super committee gets mixed messages on USPS

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October 19th, 2011 at 12:01 pm

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Federal Times article exposes the Big Lie about “unfunded” federal pensions

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October 19th, 2011 at 10:29 am

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USPS, Help! Send Trays!!! (or at least have a Plan B)

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True stories coming in to me regarding the extraordinary shortages of USPS-required trays and pallets:

These are from the Midwest area –

“…issues with the post office being out of trays?  When we called the post office here said they are out and don’t know when they will get any in, we were told the whole area seems to be out of trays. We were told we can’t bring the mail in without trays and when we asked what the procedure was, I didn’t get an answer. ”

” … called their customer service line and when I explained the problem received dead silence on the other end for quite a few seconds and the gentleman told me he didn’t have an answer to the problem and there wasn’t a procedure in place for this, but he forwarded the problem to the business division and I should hear from them in 2 to 3 business days. ”

These are from all over:

“With volumes down significantly, how can there not be any trays?”

“The USPS is in no position to threaten revenue collection because they require equipment they are supposed to provide, but can’t – and they have no Plan B, and no coordination of information out to the field on what to do to help customers keep the mail flowing.”

“Worst shortages I have seen in 25 years in mailing.”

“Do you know where any trays are???”

I wish I did….


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October 19th, 2011 at 9:41 am

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