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Area Mail Processing

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The Postal Service is actively looking into opportunities to increase efficiency by consolidating mail processing operations, allowing us to make better use of our resources. Area Mail Processing is a key element of this important effort.

Area Mail Processing (AMP) is the consolidation of some mail processing operations from one or more postal facilities to other facilities to improve operational efficiency and/or service. AMP may involve the consolidation of originating operations (canceling and sorting locally generated mail), destinating operations (sorting and preparing mail received from more distant areas for local delivery), or both. The intent is to make more efficient use of Postal Service assets such as equipment, facilities, staffing, and transportation.

via Area Mail Processing.

The USPS released this portal today with information on their plans to consolidate facilities.  Note that many of the facilities listed at the top are Approved, or already Implemented.  Scroll to the bottom for info such as process and benefits…


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October 5th, 2011 at 9:37 pm

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Yes, Virginia, you can use Confirm with Basic Intelligent Mail

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USPS Confirm Tracking service (for First Class and Standard letters and flats) has myths, somewhat perpetuated by the USPS, out there that just seem to keep cropping up time and time again:

Myth:  Confirm mail tracking is only available with Full Service Intelligent Mail, and it is a free benefit of Full Service.
FACT:  Confirm mail tracking is available for either Basic or Full Service Intelligent Mail.
FACT:  Confirm mail tracking is an additional charge, the same charge for either Basic or Full Service IMb
FACT:  The USPS does not have any free Confirm Service Program

Myth:  Confirm is only available for outgoing mail
FACT:  In addition to outgoing (Destination) Confirm service, an incoming (Origin) Confirm service is also available – and woefully under-utilized.

Thanks for letting me get those two off my chest.  🙂  More soon…

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October 5th, 2011 at 5:37 pm

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