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Every Door Direct Mail, Another Perspective

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This comment was posted by “Captain” at the OIG blog comments here:

This is a very interesting application of EDDM that hadn’t occurred to me…I think this is great!

The story below shows another of the possible uses for Neighborhood Mail. This type of thing could become more common if Neighborhood Mail was known by every American and it was easier to do from your home computer.


When Randi Slocum’s dog Kaylee ran away from her Stillwater, NY, home, Slocum and her friends did what any group of concerned pet owners would do – they formed a search party and knocked on neighbors’ doors looking for the chocolate Labrador mix.

But Randi’s mother, Carolyn, had a better idea – use Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) to notify residents in Stillwater and nearby Schuylerville, NY, of the dog’s disappearance.

Carolyn Slocum, a board member of the local Postal Customer Council, had just attended an EDDM seminar given by Albany District Grow Your Business Coordinator Natalie Dolan. “I knew that the best way to reach every household was through the new EDDM program,” said Slocum. “Since many people work all day, this would be the most likely way to reach them.”

By the next morning, Carolyn had the mailings prepared to EDDM standards and dropped them off at the Stillwater and Schuylerville Post Offices. The flyer helped unleash a series of phone calls, and that helped lead to Kaylee’s safe return.”

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June 8th, 2011 at 10:45 pm

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USPS Labeling Lists Move Issues

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For those of you struggling with the USPS Labeling Lists move, I have some more info.  I commented that this was a good move for the USPS.  Unfortunately, I didn’t check it out all the way, I just reacted to the info in the Advisory itself, here from an earlier post, with the reader’s comment that prompted me to dig a little deeper:

Once I went to the page, it was easy to see why there is some difficulty. Take a look below.  The link is lower right-that is described in the advisory, but it is still really easy to miss.  The other thing is much more difficult…The DMM Advisory says that the label lists are now available in HTML and PDF.

Good luck finding the PDF.  Give up?  OK, I’ll let you in on the secret.  See the Arrow and box I added at the top, where it says “Go to HTML Version”?  Your view may say the opposite, “Go to PDF Version”.  Click on it – It is a toggle.  You can toggle EVERYTHING back and forth between rendering at HTML or PDF.  All or nothing…

The last thing is the myriad of broken links this move has created.  USPS, before you move something, you need to update all the URLs that now point nowhere.  I will send that feedback to USPS HQ.

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June 8th, 2011 at 4:28 pm

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